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Use RecordTrac to request copies of specific documents, electronic information, and data in the City of Yakima's databases. Please note that your request and any responsive records are a public record.

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Making a Request for a Collision Report?

Traffic accident reports (since January 1, 2016) may now be obtained through an online service called Buycrash. was developed to help law enforcement agencies and insurance companies access traffic accident reports in a more efficient manner.


Collision Reports may also be requested through the Yakima Police Department or as on online public records request through RecordTrac.

If you are requesting records about yourself, you may choose to complete an affidavit that allows you to receive a complete, unredacted report.

If using RecordTrac to file your request, please download and complete the Supplemental Limited Vehicle/Driver Record Information Request Form, and email it to

Please be sure to reference your request number.

If you are filing your records request directly with the Yakima Police Department, please provide a completed copy of the Driver Record Information Form with your request.

Supplemental Limited Vehicle/Driver Record
Information Request Form


All records for animal complaints from 8/1/17 to 11/1/17 for the address of 129 N 2nd St, Yakima.

Police report, case number 17Y098760.


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